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About us


Manager during high season, marketer during low season, making recycled jewelry during the week end…

Eclastic started as a joke. I was bored, with no job no friends and no electricity at home for 2 years. The only thing I had was time and lot of plastic. The rest is history.

“Eclastic“ (Eco & Plastic) aims at producing beautiful jewelry, made of recycled bottles & other plastic. Any water/soda bottle or cd is used to make fantastic pieces of art. The Eclastic Jewelry are 100% hand-made.
Each piece is unique.
We cut, burn, bake, melt and assemble each piece with a lot of patience and respect for the environment.

At the moment The project is supported by Little Mara Bush Camp in Maasai Mara Kenya, who sell our products to tourists.
With the purchase of Eclastic Jewelry you are supporting the Eclastic project that include create awareness in kenyans, employment opportunities and cleaning of the environment.
Thank you all for your amazing support!

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