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Tutorial Pretty Bracelet

I have found on the net this pretty tutorial. What if I replace the blue stone with plastic bottle beads? This will be my next project 🙂 Source:

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Bottle cap Lampshade

Another fantastic idea! I believe it could be used also as decorative item. I’m totally doing that. I need only to save the bottle cap! you can find the tutorial here!

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Coca cola bottle lamp shade

Today is my last day of holiday before to come back to work :-(. In a week time I will go to Maasai Mara and we will start the Eclastic project with the Maasai Women. Let’s hope for the best. I really wish to see a cleaner Kenya. Today, driving back home, I saw on […]

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Tutorial: How to store your earrings


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How to make a soda bottle broom

  Useful and easy

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