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Off the hook – 10 Questions to a crafter

Off the hook - 10 Questions to a crafter

Today we talk with Jazeera from Off the Hook, Kenyan artisan specialised in crocheting.

  • When and how did you start?

I started in late May of 2020 when I was at home sitting with nothing to do and my mind was going into overdrive with everything that was going on around me

  • Why crochet?

I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety and because of all the circumstances surrounding me at that moment I was not able to visit my therapist. I needed to look for an outlet that would keep my mind busy and occupied as opposed to the overthinking and over analysing that was happening internally

  • Who or what influenced you?

To be honest, I want sure if I would enjoy it, but I was tired of trying everything under the sun from colouring to baking to exercising-but they only kept me occupied for a few hours at most. And then it was back to the overthinking and analysing

  • How did you learn?

I actually learned when I was younger but it was a forgotten art, one of my friends suggested I try learning from YouTube and this is actually what I did

  • Is this what you studied for?

No, it isn’t

  • If not what did you study?

I’m a physiotherapist by profession

  • When did you understand that your passion could become a business?

I’m not sure it will become a big business, but I know that it is helping to keep me sane-the worst that could happen is that I will end up in in a house full of crochet items

  • What is your creative process and what do you like the most?

To be honest, I haven’t developed one yet-its too soon to start thinking about it. I enjoy and it gives me a chance to play with colour and be free of any confines to what something is supposed to be.

  • What is your biggest challenge?

There are too many copy cats who feel that they can give bad quality work and underprice the items just because they want to make a sale. For me, it’s not really about the sales, but more about the love and passion that goes into making an item

  • What is your best seller?

My little elephant so far

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

On a farm with a lot of animals

  • If you could go back at the beginning of your career would you change anything?

No, I don’t think I would because it is where I have been and what I have experienced that has moulded me into what I am and what I am able to achieve today.

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