The Ukulele Practice Journal

Since September 2019 I fell in love with the Ukulele and I play it every day!

We have created the Ukulele pendant and hopefully, soon it will be available in our online shop.

For all the ukulele lovers, I have created a small-sized practice book, tailored to my needs to put a bit of order in my practice.

There are too many resources out there and we can get overwhelmed and confused.


INDEX: I’ve used one page for booklet 1 and one page for booklet 2

CHORDS: Is where I write difficult chords I come across.

GOALS: List of things Uke related I want to achieve.

ONLINE LESSONS: I write the list of the youtube video I want to see.

HOURS TRACKER: I sign every day how many hours I’ve played my uke.

PRACTICE: I write a list of things I want to do every day and colour day by day what I do (like -scales; – fingers exercises; – songs; etc etc

SONGS TO LEARN: List of songs I want to learn.

WRITE YOUR OWN SONG: This is a page divided into 5 parts. The central part should have the chorus, the side one verses or other parts of the song.

SONG PRACTICE: list of my repertoire. I color a rectangle every time I play something so that I won’t neglect any song.

EMPTY TABS: self-explanatory 

CIRCLE OF FIFTH: self-explanatory

The second booklet has 2 pages dedicated to SAVING GOALS. It appears that every Ukulele owner/player wants to buy more and more ukulele or accessories 

Download it for free here

The Ukulele Practice journal