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“Eclastic“ (Eco & Plastic) aims at producing beautiful jewelry, made of recycled bottles & other plastic. Any water/soda bottle or cd is used to make fantastic pieces of art. The Eclastic Jewelry are 100% hand-made. Each piece is unique. We cut, burn, bake, melt and assemble each piece with a lot of patience and respect for the environment. At the moment The project is supported by Little Mara Bush Camp in Maasai Mara Kenya, who sell our products to tourists. With the purchase of Eclastic Jewelry you are supporting the Eclastic project that include create awareness in kenyans, employment opportunities and cleaning of the environment. Thank you all for your amazing support!

Recycling fashion

Eclastic is going from strength to strength. I am still in the process to find a good and steady market for my jewellery, made from recycled products. When I reach that goal I will be able to employ women on a permanent base. I need publicity, people need to know what I have on offer.  I […]

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Teaching is an art

After many months, I have finally time to write about the workshop at Olmalaika home this past September. As usual, the night before a workshop I never sleep. I always think too much. What if they don’t like it? What if they don’t follow? What if I am not able to express myself…etc etc etc […]

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Tutorial Pretty Bracelet

I have found on the net this pretty tutorial. What if I replace the blue stone with plastic bottle beads? This will be my next project 🙂 Source:

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From Chile meet Dominique and Sergio – Reudiseno

This week meet Dominique and Sergio from Chile. their website is stunning so are the items that they create from plastic bottles! Read, comment and share! Where do you come from? We are from Santiago, Chile, a large country in South America. When did you start and why? We start after graduate of industrial designers […]

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Introducing Diy or Buy!

And today we introduce Kriszta from DIY or BUY. I’ve found her online during one of my research for inspiration and she agreed to answer some of my questions. I am very happy to see how many people love to recycle. The items she creates are beautiful and all her links deserve to be visited. […]

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Introducing Creazioni Pet (in Italian)

Ho avuto il piacere di incontrare online una deliziosa artista che crea, come me, articoli con le bottiglie di plastica. Conosciamola meglio: Da dove vieni e dove vivi? Mi chiamo Margherita Marras, abito a San Gavino M.le, in provincia di Cagliari. Come si chiama la tua attivita? La mia attività si chiama “Creazioni Pet”; Quando […]

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The Angels of Olmalaika home

Last week end I went to visit the girls of OlMalaika home in Sekenani. I cannot describe with words what I felt. I met Kim Dewitt, the founder of OlMalaika home in my office in Nairobi by pure coincidence (do you really believe in coincidences???) “​The Olmalaika Home, located in Sekenani, Kenya, provides a safe […]

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Eclastic for the first time in public!

One day over lunch time, Gabriele, director of Sunworld Safari and the biggest Eclastic fan, mentioned that it could be a good idea to do an exhibition to introduce Eclastic to the public. She also mentioned ZEN GARDEN. Fighting against my usual procrastination I wrote an email to ask information about it. The answer was a […]

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Buy Eclastic and not Ivory!!!

We all know that poaching it’s a real problem here in Africa. Because of the high demand from the Asian market, thousands of our Elephants get killed and mutilated every day. This is insane and we will lose all our Elephants. There are many organization that try to help and stop the poachers, but they […]

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Eclastic Key holder

I am always looking for new ideas and constantly doing new experiment. This week I have tried to do a unisex key holder made with plastic bottle and decorated with a piece of hand painted dvd. What do you think? Would you use it?

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