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“Eclastic“ (Eco & Plastic) aims at producing beautiful jewelry, made of recycled bottles & other plastic. Any water/soda bottle or cd is used to make fantastic pieces of art. The Eclastic Jewelry are 100% hand-made. Each piece is unique. We cut, burn, bake, melt and assemble each piece with a lot of patience and respect for the environment. At the moment The project is supported by Little Mara Bush Camp in Maasai Mara Kenya, who sell our products to tourists. With the purchase of Eclastic Jewelry you are supporting the Eclastic project that include create awareness in kenyans, employment opportunities and cleaning of the environment. Thank you all for your amazing support!

New Eclastic ring

And because I loved the first Eclastic ring here I am again with another bizarre  idea. I’ve spent hours on the net looking for ideas and tutorial. Hours because my internet connection here is pathetic and slow. I had to put the modem on top of a tree. I came across an artist, Tonya O’Hara, […]

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First Eclastic ring

Like most of the women I love rings and I love to be different everyday. I got inspiration from some “beadable rubber ring” that I saw on the net and I thought…why can’t I make it with plastic bottles? I’ve used a small fanta bottle, wire and some beads. The biggest challenge for me was […]

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Cleaning day in Maasai Mara

At “Eclastic” we recycle plastic, and we clean places out of it. Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Hundreds of different animals depend from it. One of Sunworld safari guide, GK, once sent me a photo of a place called “look out”. A beautiful place on […]

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Wine Charms

Every guest is different and every guest is special. We had honeymooners and we usually put fruits covered in chocolate and a bottle of wine in their tent at arrival. But this time I was looking for something different who could give the whole set up a magic and different touch, so I thought of doing bottle […]

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The first Eclastic team!

Many Maasai are working at Little Mara Bush Camp. We invited their wives to learn how to recycle plastic bottles. I was a bit skeptic, Maasai are famous for their beads work, will they like the plastic bottle beads? YES, they loved it! Agnes Cecilia and Noolari are living in a village close to Talek, a small […]

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Saruni and the plastic curtains

Saruni is Little Mara Bush Camp naturalist and he also takes care of the children. Today we have started to do the plastic curtain in the Little Manyatta. We still need more bottles, but I’m sure we will get them soon. I am glad to see that the Maasai are appreciating the craft with plastic. […]

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Little Mara Bush Camp

The Mara has welcomed us with lots of animals. A Leopard left his prey on a tree (photo coming soon…) Wildebeest surrounded the camp and Hippos walk in front of us. During the evening we can hear Lions, Hyenas, Hippos and Elephants! Simply amazing. Eclastic first task is to create small plastic curtains for the […]

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The Plastic Whisperer goes to the Mara!

It is now time to start a new adventure. An adventure full of surprises, sun, animals, savannah, unexpected situations. In July we will start the Eclastic project in Maasai Mara (Kenya). We will train the Maasai women to create beautiful jewelry and useful items with plastic bottles. I wish everyone could see plastic the way […]

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Fabulous pink

This is one of my first creation with flowers. I love pink. Unfortunately I cannot find pink plastic bottle here so I’ve colored one with a mat spray and the result is not bad at all. This color represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving […]

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Nick Ndeda and the dvds

I never really listen the radio. I get disturbed by the fact that I cannot choose the music and I cannot sing every single song. One day in the office I’ve discovered XFM 105.5 (Nairobi). Nice music and nice people. I love it and I listen to it every morning from 6:30 to 8:30 and […]

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