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Eclastic for the first time in public!

Eclastic first time in public

Eclastic first time in public

One day over lunch time, Gabriele, director of Sunworld Safari and the biggest Eclastic fan, mentioned that it could be a good idea to do an exhibition to introduce Eclastic to the public. She also mentioned ZEN GARDEN.

Fighting against my usual procrastination I wrote an email to ask information about it. The answer was a bit disappointing….For a private exhibition they charge Khs 20.000/- per day…it is around 200 usd. Too much considered that the most expensive item is Ksh 3000/-… 🙁

They proposed to me another option. The High Tea fashion show. A fashion show with mini boutiques. The mini boutique was more affordable and I said “why not!”

I met Shivani, the owner of Zen Garden to show her our products and see if they could fit the event.

So my odyssey started.

zen garden1

Eclastic stand

I needed ideas for new designs, and stands to show the jewelry. My friend Tums, an unusual and unique artist, helped me to create the stands. Internet as usual gave me great inspiration.

I took a week off work to dedicate myself to Eclastic, however destiny had other plans for me.

Days ran fast and I did not achieve much, the car got broken, the dog was sick and I had to meet several people and supplier. 1 week was not enough.

The night before the event I didn’t sleep. I had to tag, price, and organize everything.

Muffin, my lovely cat was not helpful at all. She was stealing the necklace during the photo shooting and tagging. I have found Elephants necklace in the most absurd corner of the house.

The day finally arrived, and on my way there the battery of my car decided to die.

I arrived a bit late but I made it. Siggi my friend, was nice enough to help me in this adventure.

I have spent 2 amazing days there.

I’ve met new friends and sold few items. People liked Eclastic this is what matters to me.

High tea fashion show photo album



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