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Mission Impossible made possible


I always liked challenges, but this one is a tough one.

I have met Josephine some time back. She is young, very shy and mother of 2.
She is from a rural area in Western Kenya. I don’t know much about her as she does not talk much.

She has been helping me for a while now with small and easy tasks, like removing the metallic part from the dvd’s or flattening the plastic bottles.

Then I decided it was time for something new.

One afternoon, while her husband was taking care of the baby,  I showed her how to cut plastic flowers out of plastic bottles.

She looked at me surprised when I started cutting circles. I asked her to follow my example. Only then did I realise that she had never held scissors before in her life. For me a city girl from Italy holding scissors or a pen was so normal. It never dawned on me that it was not an obvious thing worldwide. 

But then we started  slowly to cut together. Step by step Josephine learned to use the scissors and to cut circles. A slow process but she improved. She had to leave before we could make a flower of the cuttings. I did it on my own. 

The next day I showed her the flowers I made from her cuttings. She could not believe her eyes. “Have I done that?”


The expression on her face was priceless as you can see on the picture I took of her

The quality of her flowers is not the best yet, but she has a good attitude and she is willing to learn.

Next challenge…painting the Elephants!

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