Music or movie?



This is the first necklace I’ve done with used dvd’s. The process is not the simplest but the result is excellent!

Transparent like glass, light like plastic!

Go Green!



I love this piece. It’s done with 3 different plastic bottles, coca cola, sprite and keringet sparkling water 🙂

Each bead is cut, shaped and treated with fire. It took a while but the result is stunning don’t you think?


Boring movies become…


I love movies and I don’t have a tv at home (it kills my creativity..).

I have boxes full of movies and tv series that I’ve collected since 2007. Lot of them have scratches, old, useless. Why keeping them?

My best friend Google gave me some ideas on how to recycle old cd’s and dvd’s, and here is the result.

This is one of my favorite pieces, simple and elegant.

Sprite bottle and Cold Porcelain beads


My passion for cold porcelain started few years ago.

Cold porcelain is a clay based on white glue and corn starch. you can do anything with it and it’s air dry.

Still with no power at home I was looking for a way to create colored beads. Fimo, the most famous clay around,  is not easily available in Kenya and if you find it it’s really expensive!

I love to mix these beads with the plastic.

Pink Coca cola?

Plastic Flowers

Plastic Flowers

The main color of plastic bottles in Nairobi are light blue, Aquamarine, green, white and brown.

Very little variety, so I’ve decided to paint them with a magnificent result don’t you think?


“Eclastic“ (Eco – & Plastic) aims at producing beautiful jewelery, made out of recycled bottles & other plastic. 

Any water/soda bottle brand or cd is used to make fantastic pieces of art.

It all started along these lines: ”How can I recycle plastic? 

Google and a bit of fantasy did the rest.

The Eclastic Jewelry are 100% hand made. Each piece is unique. We cut, burn, bake, melt and assemble each piece with a lot of patience and respect for the environment.

With your purchase of “Eclastic Jewelry”, you are supporting the local community in the Maasai Mara Eco-system. 20% of the Sale Price goes towards educating and training local Maasai women to recycle their plastic bottles & sell the end product to tourists.

This project is supported by Mara and Little Mara Bush Camps.

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