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Habits of Self Made millionaires we should consider…

I find myself subscribed to newsletters I have not subscribed to.

Rarely I read them.

It is through a newsletter I did not subscribe to that I came across a series of interesting articles about the habits of Self made Millionaire that I wanted to share with you. (This is just a list to keep the post short but at the end od the post I’ve shared the original articles..)

1)Successful people wake up early, they do this because there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Even though I am not a millionaire yet I do wake up so early that people think I do not sleep at all.

2) They Read;

I do read, but not enough. I can do that.

3) They exercise;

And this is one of my major issues….

4. They Have (Or Had) A Mentor;

5) They Followed Their Passion;

Yes! and I am truly following mine.

6) They Hang Out With Successful People;

And this is why we created the FB group Running towards success”…

7) They help others;

I believe I m doing this.

8) They seek feedback;

Please take your time to comment on the products, the websites etc etc.

9) They Don’t Go With The Flow;

Not sure where the flow is going….

10) They have a positive mindset.


How many of these habits do you have?


To know more read: Thomas C. Corley

Thomas C. Corley

Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals




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