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I’m drowning!!

My “Stay focused” face

I am drowning in pdf.

Many people around the web know how to start, manage and grow a successful online business.

Many people know that to increase the number of visitors  on your website you should give something for free.

Why not a pdf full of useful information?

And we get buried in thousands of free pdf, or at least I DO.

Some of my recents downloads are

  • 7 successful time management habits for online entrepreneurs
  • Organise your life and goals
  • The lean start up
  • How to write the perfect email
  • How to sell on social media
  • How to write the perfect blog article
  • How to lose weight without a diet (I know it is not business related but I’ve downloaded it…)

How many I have read?


I get bored after the first paragraph.

Modern psychologist would probably suggest that I have some form of Attention Deficit Disorder and they are possibly correct.

While I am writing this post, I read comments on Facebook, think what to do next, check on instagram, talk to the dog and text my husband.

How I get things done?

Recently I have discovered the bullet journal (check www.bulletjournal.com)

“the analog system for the digital age”

I was skeptical at first but not only I have increased my daily productivity, it helps me to stay focused and to relax before to start another hectic day with my “always in motion brain

And you?

DO you have the “free pdf download syndrome like I do”?

How do you stay focused?

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